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If you’re looking for a pretty Portuguese gift to take home with you, there’s one shop that will make it very easy to find something. A Vida Portuguesa collects the best national brands in stationery, interior, food, ceramics and much more.

There are these shops I always have to go to when I’m in Portugal. A Vida Portuguesa is definitely one of them. Not only because of their amazing products, but also because the shops are all really pretty. I could never leave Lisbon or Porto without checking if they have new pretty books on Portugal (buying books is one of my biggest addictions).


The Portuguese are creative people, but also very passionate about tradition. This comes to surface in the way they treasure their historical brands, but make sure that they don’t get out of date.

canned fish Portugal

A Vida Portuguesa searches the whole country for traditional Portuguese brands that illustrate Portuguese history, culture or identity. We all know the beautifully decorated cans of fish and of course the port wine. But there are also surprising products like tea from the Azores, woolen blankets from the Alentejo or salt from the Algarve.


A Vida Portuguesa has five shops: four in Lisbon and one in Porto. My favourites are Chiado I in Lisbon, because it still looks like the old warehouse it was, and the one in Lisbon’s neighbourhood Intendente, because of the crazy beautiful tiled exterior. This last one is also the biggest, so it has the widest offer. A small A Vida Portuguesa shop is the one located in the food court Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon, a place where you will probably go anyway.

A Vida Portuguesa Porto

More information

For all addresses, brands and even the online store check their website. It’s in English! To see pretty pictures of the products and brands they sell you only have to follow them on Instagram.

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