Armazém: vintage, art, tapas and drinks

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When I was cycling through the city of Porto I stumbled upon a really nice place called Armazém. It’s a vintage shop, tapas bar and art gallery in one! A great place to catch your breath after all that sightseeing and a must do for lovers of vintage.

Armazém will stay a secret to most tourists visiting Porto. Although it’s close to two museums, this is not an area that is crowded with tourists. Only the well prepared visitor will discover it, making Armazém a great place to mingle with the locals, who definitely know their way to Armazém.

A bit of history

The Real Companhia Velha is the oldest wine company in Portugal, founded in 1756. They used to stock their wines in the building that has now become Armazém. It is no coincidence that the translation for “armazém” is warehouse.

Armazém today

When it became a cultural centre in 2015, the original vibe was well preserved. It’s industrial and very warm at the same time. The building is open, with high ceilings and a lot of concrete.

The property counts a total of 1500 square metres, of which 200 are outside terrace. When the sun is out this is a nice place to enjoy a beer or glass of wine. Inside you will find the chairs and tables of the tapas bar in the middle of the warehouse, while on the sides different brands and art are exposed. Some examples of shops in Armazém are Alma at Porto, Velharias de Mikas and R&B.


When you’re visiting Porto in the third weekend of the month, you’re in luck. This is when Armazém hosts the Vintage and Flea Market (Feira de Velharias & Vintage), both Saturdays and Sundays . At other times, you can come across concerts, expositions or other cultural events.


The address of Armazém is Rua de Miragaia 93. It will take you less than fifteen minutes to walk there from the Ribeira in the city centre. It’s close to the Museum of Transport and Communication and the World of Discoveries, an interactive museum and theme park about the Portuguese discoveries.

More information

There’s a Facebook page that will give you more information about Armazém and everything that is happening there. 


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