Café da Garagem – A drink with a view in Lisbon

Eat and drink, Lisbon City

In the heart of the Lisbon neighbourhood Castelo lies a stylish, quirky and romantic café called Café da Garagem. If you don’t know about this place you will never find it, so consider yourself lucky for reading this! It’s all about the spectacular view of the city, but you won’t mind the food and drinks either.

All about the view

Café da Garagem is the café from a theatre called Teatro Tabardo. The theatre’s resident company is Teatro de Garagem, which opened a café under the same name in 2011. The shape of the café is long and narrow, with one of the long sides being all glass window. A line of comfortable chairs is placed in front of this enormous window, offering a phenomenal view. You’ll be blown away by all the pretty pastel colours of the Lisbon city centre stretching out in front of you.

Living room vibe

The style is industrial, but big carpets, plants and wooden furniture make it feel warm and cozy. The tables are made from old doors (inspiration!) and little vintage lights complete the living room feeling. On the menu you’ll find warm and cold sandwiches, fresh lemonades, fruity cocktails and a must-try melt in the middle chocolate cake.

Cafe da Garagem chocolate cake


In Lisbon, the neighbourhood Castelo is most known for the popular Castelo de São Jorge. It will take you only seven minutes to walk from this pretty castle to Café da Garagem. The address is Costa do Castelo 75. Make sure you look for the signs of the Teatro Taborda, as you can’t see the café from the street. Enter the theatre and walk down two floors to reach the café.

You can see the viewpoint Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen from the café. It’s nice to also take a stroll there. And look out for all the beautiful street art in the area.

More information

The website Teatro da Garagem gives you the opening hours and some extra background information.

Cafe da Garagem view

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