Restaurant Riso in Funchal makes you travel the world of rice

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Restaurant Riso Funchal

From a beautiful terrace with an irresistible ocean view, restaurant Riso introduces you to the great versatility of rice and risotto. Although commonly associated with Asian cuisine, this restaurant proves that rice is very adaptable to a variety of food combinations. Chef Fausto Airoldi’s gastronomic discoveries around the world have resulted in surprising dishes, blending different basic strains of rice with high-grade ingredients.

The menu

Riso’s menu consists of a variety of rice and risotto dishes. Try a Brazilian-style risotto with red beans, chorizo and grilled “picanha”, or travel to India by choosing the saffron rice with chicken and prawn curry. Of course the island’s local flavours are also represented, for example in the delicious lime risotto with roasted banana and fried scabbardfish filet (my favourite!).

Every dish on the menu, even the starters and desserts, are in some way prepared with rice. Rice vinegar, puffed rice, rice flour and rice pudding are used to honour this versatile grain.

risotto with scabbardfish and banana

Glorious scenery

Next to the delicious food, Restaurant Riso offers a wonderful view to enjoy from the terrace. It overlooks the blue Atlantic Ocean at Funchal Bay with the swimming pools of Praia da Barreirinha. This is the perfect place to hide from the sun on a hot day, cooling down with the ocean breeze. The terrace is covered so don’t worry if the weather’s not so great.

Head to Riso if you love stunning views with your meal, if you’re a rice fanatic and if you like trying new flavours. For vegetarians this is also a very good choice. The restaurant boasts great service with very friendly and helpful staff.

view from restaurant Riso


Restaurante Riso – Risottoria del Mundo is situated in Funchal’s old city centre, close to the Igreja de Santiago Menor and the gondola rides (Teleférico).

The address is:
Rua de Santa Maria, nº 274
Funchal, Madeira island

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

More information

Check out the restaurant’s website or Facebook for the complete menu, how to make a reservation and more mouthwatering pictures of their food and stunning location.

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