Bastardo – a trendy secret in Lisbon’s city centre

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When roaming the bustling streets of Lisbon city centre, you’ll probably won’t notice the small sign that points out restaurant Bastardo. Luckily there is Bucket List Portugal to introduce you to this hidden gem!

What’s in a name?

Bastardo – as you would expect – means bastard. That’s an unusual name, exactly like it’s an unusual restaurant. The name refers to the restaurant being “the illegitimate son of the Portuguese cuisine. Born to break rules and the fruit of true love, the forbidden one“.


This raises quite some expectations, but don’t worry, Bastardo lives up to them. The interior, the food, the drinks: they will all surprise you, make you happy and make you want more. There are a lot of subtle jokes hidden in the restaurant, for example in their art work or the way they serve the food. It never gets silly though, everything is perfectly balanced.

The kitchen is Portuguese, but definitely not traditional nor without other influences. The restaurant’s concept is mixing the classic with the contemporary and a surprise is never far away. Bastardo loves cooking with fresh ingredients and even has its own garden for growing delicious herbs.

Oh, and let’s not forget the view. The restaurant overlooks the busy Rua Augusta and Rossio Square. Located on the first floor, you can enjoy watching everything that’s going on down on the streets.

Surprising food Bastardo Lisbon


Bastardo is part of the Internacional Design Hotel, a pretty boutique hotel on Rua da Betesga 3 in Lisbon. This street basically forms the southern border of the Rossio square, so it’s right there in the city centre. Enter the hotel and make your way to the restaurant on the first floor.

More information

Check Bastardo’s website (it’s in English) for more details. Or follow them on Facebook or Instagram for the pretty pictures of their dishes.

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