Paragliding Portugal takes you flying over Costa da Caparica

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Want to see Portugal from a bird’s point of view? Get ready to feel like a seagull, by going on a paragliding trip along the Portuguese coast! Don’t worry, it’s not scary at all!

Paragliding is floating through the air with something resembling a parachute attached to your body. You don’t have to jump out of an airplane, but you can simply walk of a high point (mountain or cliff), after which the wind will keep you up in the air. It’s a relatively relaxed way to get to see a landscape from above, although for people who are afraid of heights it will still be quite the thrill. And obviously it requires practice and skill to become a good pilot.

Costa da Caparica

In Portugal there are several places where you can go paragliding. For those who are not experienced pilots there is the great possibility of going on a tandem paraglide, attached to a professional. A good place to try this is along the Costa da Caparica, just south of Lisbon. This beautiful coastline counts dozens of beaches bordered by high cliffs, stretched out for over more than thirty kilometres. The cliffs are an excellent starting point for paragliding and the landscape perfect for an impressive flight.

Portugal Paragliding

Portugal Paragliding is a company that can get you started on this adventure. They have well trained instructors, that will make you feel very safe and comfortable. You can tell them when you want to go and make arrangements for when to meet and – if necessary – for you to be picked up somewhere.

Portugal Paragliding

Waiting for wind

It is very important to keep one thing in mind: it’s all about the weather. Although the sky might seem without a cloud, it’s the wind that can cause most trouble. You don’t want to go up with too much wind, but without wind you will not be able to fly either. Since it could all be a bit of a waiting game, it’s best to not have a tight schedule for the day you’re paragliding.

My personal experience was meeting at Praia da Bica at 10.00 a.m. and flying a little after 11.00 a.m. Not too bad! And there’s a café at the meeting point, so you can get something to eat and drink if you get bored of the waiting. Personally, I didn’t mind enjoying the sun on that spectacular cliff.

More information

All you need to know is on the website Portugal Paragliding. Contact them if you have any additional questions. They speak and write excellent English. For videos and photos you can also check their Facebook or Instagram.

Costa da Caparica


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