Petiscos e Granitos – restaurant with a view

Centro, Eat and drink

When coming to Monsanto, once voted the Most Portuguese Village of Portugal, you don’t just want a restaurant with nice food. You want a restaurant with nice food AND a spectacular view. Petiscos e Granitos has both.

Monsanto is an impressive village, with all the huge, granatic boulders that seem to be coming down the hill any minute. But it’s also a place where you might get a bit tired, thirsty and hungry from walking up the steep slope. A great place to have a break and just enjoy the scenery in peace is restaurant Petiscos e Granitos.


It doesn’t seem anything special when you walk through the front door, but make sure you go outside to the back terrace. It’s small and cozy, with a breathtaking view over the valley. The many plants and flowers on the terrace do the rest to make this a perfect, romantic place.

The restaurant fits perfectly in its surroundings, with a big granatic rock covering the roof of the kitchen. Don’t worry, it has been there a long time and is not going anywhere!


The menu is typical Portuguese, with regional dishes. The specialty is grilled octopus gratinated with sheep milk cheese, but if that’s too exotic for you, there’s always the more basic steak or a nice soup.


Petiscos e Granitos is a restaurant in the village of Monsanto, in the region Centro. It’s not far from the Spanish border and the nearest big city is Castelo Branco. It’s best to leave your car at the beginning of the village and ontinue on foot. You can’t miss the restaurant on your way up.

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