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If you are looking for a comfortable stay in the eastern part of São Miguel (Azores), you have now found it. Tradicampo EcoCountry Houses offers four fantastic sea view cottages to really get that holiday feeling. Lovers of the peaceful countryside pay attention!

Tradicampo cottages

Tradicampo EcoCountry Houses is a company with different holiday homes in the north-eastern part of São Miguel. There are four cottages: Casa do Fonte in the village of Algarvia and Casa da Talha, A Arribana and Casa do Tanque in São Pedro de Nordestinho. The last two houses are next to each other, sharing the garden and swimming pool.

All four houses have a fantastic sea view in common. They are also all extremely well equipped, comfortable and cozy. It will definitely give you that traditional countryside feeling. These accommodations are perfect to relax and enjoy nature.

Most cottages are just for two, but Casa do Tanque has room for up to four people.

Tradicampo countryhouse Arribana

Personal experience

During my holidays in São Miguel I stayed in the house called A Arribana. I was most impressed by the kindness of our host. Not only did he welcome us with a full refrigerator and home-baked cookies, he also took a lot of time to tell us everything about the island. We used his map with notes all through our holidays. I actually still have it, for future visits.

The house was extremely comfortable and the garden just stunning. It was very big, so it wasn’t really a problem to share it with the visitors of the other cottage. We stayed at Tradicampo for three nights, which was perfect for exploring this part of the island. I must admit, I’m a traveller who is constantly moving around, so if you prefer to do things a bit more relaxed, you’d better stay a bit longer.


The Tradicampo houses are located on the north-eastern side of São Miguel. The main road is very close, so you can easily move around from there. Be aware that there are less facilities in this area of the island. Although São Pedro de Nordestinho has a small grocery shop for first necessities, you will need your car to get to a restaurant or find a bigger offer in shops.

I loved exploring the Reserva Natural do Pico da Vara from here. It has the highest mountain of the island (1105 metres) and a magnificent laurel forest. My big mission was to find the Azores bullfinch (Priolo), an endemic bird of São Miguel. Mission accomplished!

More information

Check the Tradicampo website for all details and bookings. Also visit their Facebook and Instagram accounts to see more images and videos.

Tradicampo countryhouses Nordeste


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