Lambecas: ice cream highlight in Porto Santo

Eat and drink, Madeira

When it comes to ice cream, Portugal is no Italy, but here and there you can find some excellent ‘gelado’. I introduce you to Lambecas, a famous place in all of the Madeira archipelago. You will have to go to Porto Santo to taste it, but who wouldn’t want to go there?


Ice cream parlour Lambecas is a small shop in the city of Vila Baleira. It started decades ago and has become very famous over the years. They sell delicious soft serve ice cream in many different flavours. Stick with your regular strawberry or chocolate, or be adventurous and try the more exotic flavours. Have it in a sugar cone or a paper cup and enjoy it on a bench nearby.

What makes this ice cream so good? That of course is their big secret… One a warm summer night don’t be surprised to have to wait in line to get your ‘lambeca’. People gather around the shop to get their dessert and catch up with friends and family. If you’re not the patient type, go during the day, when everybody else is on the beach. The shop is open all day.

Lambecas Porto Santo ice cream


You can’t miss Lambecas in Vila Baleira’s city centre. It’s located on a small square, close to the Igreja Matriz, the Cristopher Colombus house and city hall. The address is Rua Dr. Nuno Silvestre Teixeira.

More information

There’s a Facebook page you can check, but it hasn’t been active for years. But who cares? Just go and taste the ice cream. That’s all there is to it.

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