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Who doesn’t love relaxing in a nice, warm bath? But to be able to do that in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by amazing nature, is  a unique experience. On the Portuguese island of São Miguel you only need a bathing suit to make it happen. Float and relax in the volcanic hot pool of Ponta da Ferreira.

Volcanic activity

São Miguel is the largest and most volcanically active island of the Azores. Past eruptions have enlarged the island and shaped the landscape for centuries. On the westernmost point, Ponta da Ferraria is an area that was created by hot lava pouring into the sea. These platforms are what the Portuguese call ‘fajãs’ and are widespread in both the Azores and Madeira.

Lighthouse and viewpoint

The road to Ponta da Ferraria gives you a perfect view of the landscape. Make a stop at the Miradouro da Ilha Sabrina (or Miradouro da Ponta da Ferraria), the viewpoint overlooking the impressive basalt cliffs and the rocky coastline. You can also see the lighthouse Farol da Ponta da Ferraria from here.

Farol da Ponta da Ferraria

Natural pool

Further down the road you can leave your car at a parking area. From here it’s only a small walk to the round shaped natural pool that makes Ponta da Ferraria such a popular place to visit. In this pool hot geothermal water from a sulphurous hot spring and cold water from the ocean mix. When it’s low tide you can enter the pool to enjoy a great water temperature. The spring itself is around 61 degrees and the ocean varies from 18 to 28 degrees, depending on the time of year.

Natural pool São Miguel

The pool has been made easy to access with a ladder. The rocky seabed in combination with the waves can make it a bit difficult to move around, but there are ropes to help you. Try different places in the pool to feel how different the temperatures are. Close to the spring it can even be too hot at times. Careful with the waves though; hang on to the ropes to not bump into other visitors.

Ponta da Ferraria pool

Spa Termas da Ferraria

If you’re not comfortable with the rocks and ropes, there is another option to enjoy the thermal waters of Ponta da Ferraria. Close to the parking there’s the Spa Termas da Ferraria. They offer various medical and relaxing treatments, that all use the water from the hot springs in the area.


Ponta da Ferraria is the most western point of the island of São Miguel. It’s less then 30 kms from capital Ponta Delgada and close to the famous viewpoint Sete Cidades.

Miradouro Ponta da Ferraria

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